Introducing the all-new

Invisible Ink Paper Wallet

The paper wallet you know and love, reimagined for enhanced security and privacy - with invisible ink.

They can't steal your private key if they can't see it.

Store it literally anywhere! It doesn't matter!

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Invisible Ink Paper Wallet

Need to reveal your private key?

We don't recommend attempting that but if you really need to, you can douse the Invisible Ink Paper Wallet in any of the following liquids:

  • ICO Saltwater
  • CryptoKitty Urine
  • Unicorn tears
  • EVM Oil
  • Headlight fluid

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need special ink to print this?

A: Nope! Just click the "Get It Now" button and print away!

Q: Is this as safe as a hardware wallet?

A: No, a paper wallet is one of the easiest ways to secure yourself but not the best. We always recommend a hardware wallet.

Q: How do I get ICO Saltwater?

A: Head over to coinmarketcap and contact any of the tokens below the top #200 market cap.

Q: Is this a real product?

A: No.